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Mont Ventoux trip.

My trip down to Provence was full of ups and downs. Well, actually 3 ups and 3 downs in one day. Mont Ventoux is a mythical mountain, rising up out of nowhere in the middle of Provence. It has been decisive in numerous Tour de France stage finishes, and was the scene of tragedy during stage 13 in 1967, where Tommy Simpson collapsed and died less than 1km from the summit. There are 3 separate tarmacked routes to the summit, from Bedoin 20km (the classic Tour direction), Malaucene 20km, and Sault 28km. If you love riding, and specifically climbing, Ventoux is one of the most alluring and famous climbs, standing alongside Alpe d’Huez in its infamy. One ascent is seen as a challenge in itself, but all 3 routes in 24hrs gives you the opportunity to belong to the Club des Cingles du Mont Ventoux, loosely translating as The Nutters Club. I did it last year without documenting it, but returned this year with the paperwork to make it official. Next year? Well, I can’t stay away, and it would be stupid not to up my membership to Bicingles, a double Cingles, 6 ascents in one day. Can’t wait.

There goes 2015

So 2015 is slowly slipping into autumn and what I would loosely describe as a season, has drawn to a conclusion. Now is the time to rest up, take some time out, and set some goals for next year. It is also inexplicably a time when all my clothing appears to shrink. Not sure why that happens, but it is a time of year that I look forward to, and then immediately get depressed about. It is easy to forget your achievements, so I find it cathartic to look back and quantify what I have managed. Continue reading

Essential triathlon training principles


It doesn’t matter what level of athlete you are, beginner, experienced age grouper, or pro; or if you are training for your first sprint race or Ironman title bid; it is how you train that determines how you perform on race day. It doesn’t matter what your goals or expectations are, if you are committing time to train, then it makes sense to get the most out of it; after all, and hour training badly or and hour training well, is still an hour, I know how I would rather spend that hour. Continue reading