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Triathlon Show 2014 part 2

Did you miss the Triathlon Show? Don’t worry, in an act of selflessness, I went there for you.
A free entry ticket helped, admittedly, but I was also on the search for some good stuff. Friday was the quieter of the 3 days, which allowed me to wander around without getting too stabby.  Let’s start off with the big money items. If you have money in your pocket that you want to get rid of, or have a specific item you are targeting, then that’s all well and good, but I believe, perhaps a bit naively, that shows like this should show case the new and innovative, or give you access to the stuff you can’t find anywhere else yet. Continue reading

The Triathlon Show 2014

I’m going to head to the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park, this Friday, to have a mooch. To be honest, I am usually under whelmed by this covered mega triathlon marketplace, but this year it is apparently powered by 220 Magazine (whoopee), and more importantly, I have been given a free entry ticket. However, the difference this year is that I want to report on it as ironmadsimon, so I’m keen to take a look at it objectively, to search out the stuff that is actually new, innovative, and worthy of note. To find those items, I will have to negotiate the market stalls of last year’s bargain rail kit, the displays of ridiculously priced wheelsets, power meters, wetsuits, etc, and the endless all you can eat, energy bar, buffets. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but the reality is you are expected to pay up to £12 to get into the venue to have stuff marketed at you that you can normally find cheaper on the web, or don’t really need in the first place. The exceptions are the seminars, of course, and I appreciate that these are a big draw for many, so I may pop in to hear  ’10 New Ways To Boost Speed’, although the cynic in me wonders exactly what ground breaking information I will garner. Watch this space, I will report back all worthy details. And it will be interesting to see whether I manage to keep my own wallet in my pocket (obviously not including coffee and cake expenses). I’m only human after all.

An evening with David Millar

So, I love cycling. I love to ride, I love the bikes, the tech, the gear. But I REALLY love watching it. From April through to October, the Spring Classics through the Grand Tours to the Giro de Lombardia, walk into my front room and there’s a fair chance that’s what will be on the TV in glorious HD. So I was very excited to get my hands on a couple of tickets for an evening with David Millar up at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, last Monday. Continue reading