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Triathlon Show 2014 part 2

Did you miss the Triathlon Show? Don’t worry, in an act of selflessness, I went there for you.
A free entry ticket helped, admittedly, but I was also on the search for some good stuff. Friday was the quieter of the 3 days, which allowed me to wander around without getting too stabby.  Let’s start off with the big money items. If you have money in your pocket that you want to get rid of, or have a specific item you are targeting, then that’s all well and good, but I believe, perhaps a bit naively, that shows like this should show case the new and innovative, or give you access to the stuff you can’t find anywhere else yet. Continue reading

Planet X TT bike.

Right, I flippin love Planet X. I have had a Stealth for 7 years and have used it in every Ironman race I have done and numerous time trials. The Stealth is their first TT bike and they obviously now also have the Exocet. Both bikes have been given rave reviews, and they are at a price that you won’t beat. Anyone who wants to spend £5k on a Cervelo is quite frankly mental and suffering from brand envy. Either TT bike will see you right. Continue reading

Aerojacket v disc wheel

Look around at any race, or indeed, at any gathering of cyclists (collectively known as a “bore”) and you will see a vast array of different equipment, normally perceived as better than your own. Set up your bike up at T1 or take a nonchalant glance at the other riders’ steeds at a TT and it is easy to be psyched out by the latest carbon speed machines, replete with aero cheating wheels. Continue reading