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Triathlon Show 2014 part 2

Did you miss the Triathlon Show? Don’t worry, in an act of selflessness, I went there for you.
A free entry ticket helped, admittedly, but I was also on the search for some good stuff. Friday was the quieter of the 3 days, which allowed me to wander around without getting too stabby.  Let’s start off with the big money items. If you have money in your pocket that you want to get rid of, or have a specific item you are targeting, then that’s all well and good, but I believe, perhaps a bit naively, that shows like this should show case the new and innovative, or give you access to the stuff you can’t find anywhere else yet. Continue reading

Assos Fugu Socks

Assos Fugu socksLet’s be perfectly honest, the only bit of Assos kit that I can realistically afford is socks. So when it comes to keeping my toes warm, I don’t mind splashing £16.99 on these Swiss babies. 60% wool and 40% magic ingredients, they make some pretty bold claims about how they are ‘calibrated’ to winter riding, whatever that means. But as I suffer from cold feet that can make a winter training ride miserable, even with neoprene overshoes, I’ll take every bold marketing claim I can take. After a chilly 3 hour ride yesterday morning, I wouldn’t describe the contents of my shoes as tropical, but my little piggies didn’t do any squealing, and I was comfortable throughout. Thick soles without being bulky, snug mid length cuff, comfortable against the freshly shaved guns, and they’ve got blue in them. My new favourite socks.

Sportful Fiandre No Rain Jacket

For years I have layered up for winter riding with standard long sleeve jerseys, but I finally decided to splash out on a decent winter jacket. Having narrowly avoided a collision with a vehicle recently, one of the criteria that I insisted on was that I wanted it to be hi viz. I also it to be soft shell, stylish, functional, and something that I would want to wear, not feel that I should wear (if that makes sense). Continue reading