Online shops

As much as I try to champion the real shops, I would be lying if I said that I never bought stuff on line. These are the sites that I have found to be consistently useful, informative, cheap, etc, and will continue to update.

Sports Shoes

Great range of shoes and clothing for a wide cross section of sports, but particularly for running. If you’re happy with last year’s model, this site has some great prices. You’ll normally have to add a fiver for p&p, but sometimes they have deals with free shipping.


Really comprehensive site full of stuff for everything swim, bike, and run. It is a great place to do your research by reading the reviews, before you buy. Free postage, free returns. And normally, but not always, the lowest prices. I know it’s a massive business, but I think that they deserve their reputation. Never had any hassle with delivery or returns either.

Pro Bike Kit

Predominantly cycling stuff, as the name would suggest, but also some triathlon and running gear. Another site that has reviewed products and low prices. Free delivery too.

Planet X

Cycling specialist that direct market their own brand. I know they have a big showroom but my passport doesn’t allow me to travel up t’north. I love their bikes (I have 2) and they are exceptionally good value for money. Some people suffer from brand snobbery, and I have heard all sorts of rubbish said about their quality, but I am still riding their carbon 50 wheel set after 8 years, and I have only had to get them trued once. They also have a comprehensive stock of quality accessories and components at rock bottom prices. You can buy a full carbon bike for the same money as the groupset that it comes with.

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