Essential triathlon training principles


It doesn’t matter what level of athlete you are, beginner, experienced age grouper, or pro; or if you are training for your first sprint race or Ironman title bid; it is how you train that determines how you perform on race day. It doesn’t matter what your goals or expectations are, if you are committing time to train, then it makes sense to get the most out of it; after all, and hour training badly or and hour training well, is still an hour, I know how I would rather spend that hour. Continue reading

Cheeky birthday 10k

Dealing with injuries is all part and parcel of sport, and triathlon is no exception. I have been trying to manage a chronic Achilles tendonitis for 6 months now, which has really put the kibosh on my run training. Goring 10kIn fact, looking at my Garmin data, since the last race of the season on September 15th up until yesterday morning, I have run 89.6 miles total! So, as a special birthday treat, I decided to race Goring 10k yesterday. It’s what any self respecting, just turning 48 year old would do, right? With a very sociable start time of 11am, and under glorious spring skies, I lined up at the start, ably supported by long suffering wife, child 1, child 2, and big hairy dog. Now I’m not pretending that I am not fit, cos I have been doing a fair bit of cycling, but I was very pleasantly surprised with a finish time of 41:56. And it’s not like I’m capable of a 36 or something silly like that, no, even when well prepared I would be happy to break 40. And this morning I don’t appear to be too broken either. So that’s all a bit weird really. I think we tend to pile lots of pressure onto ourselves when we are injured and can’t do what we want to do, what the book/coach tells us to do, or perhaps more significantly what we think we should do. I’m still not sure I have learnt my lesson, and will continue to fret about not being able to train consistently for the run, but I will take some encouragement from yesterday’s birthday treat, and feel a bit more positive about the start of my Ironman training schedule that starts in a month’s time. As it turns out, I should do less, more often!

Triathlon Show 2014 part 2

Did you miss the Triathlon Show? Don’t worry, in an act of selflessness, I went there for you.
A free entry ticket helped, admittedly, but I was also on the search for some good stuff. Friday was the quieter of the 3 days, which allowed me to wander around without getting too stabby.  Let’s start off with the big money items. If you have money in your pocket that you want to get rid of, or have a specific item you are targeting, then that’s all well and good, but I believe, perhaps a bit naively, that shows like this should show case the new and innovative, or give you access to the stuff you can’t find anywhere else yet. Continue reading