We all like to know what’s good and what’s bad about stuff, before we consider spooning out even more cash in the quest to shave a few more seconds off of our pb’s.  I normally do a lot of research before buying stuff, so it would seem logical to share my thoughts in the hope that it will help others too. I will aim to review kit(clothing, shoes, etc), gear(bikes, gadgets, tech, etc) retailers(shops, online stores, pastry emporiums, etc), and services(coaches, physios, training venues, etc). That is the hope anyway, but in the meantime, please bear with me(Grrr… that’s a bear, btw). At the moment, I haven’t really standardised a test protocol (check me out with fancy words!), but as I add more reviews, the aim is to write more extensive reports. Everything here is stuff I have splashed my own hard earned cash on, and I like value for money. So if I think something is good, I will say so, and if it’s pants, I’ll say that too. In the unlikely event that anyone gives me something to test, I will let you know.

The different categories appear as sub menus under the Reviews tab on the menu.

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