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Kona 2012 part 2. A date with Madam Pele

Race day started early with a 4 am alarm followed by a very light breakfast of the tried and tested Rice Krispies. We then headed down to race start in plenty of time for body marking and final pre race bike checks. Whilst in transition, I caught up with my friend Arne from Oslo. We had met 2 years previously at Ironman Nice where he beat me by 12 seconds. Last year we raced each other again and I beat him by 9 seconds. Incredible! And here we were again, 2 good friends brought together by Ironman. On paper I was faster on the swim and bike, but Arne is a super fast runner, and if anyone was going to run me down, this Norwegian would (Beatles joke). We wished each other luck as the start approached. I said goodbye to the family and headed for Dig Me Beach. Continue reading

Kona 2012 part 1

So 17 weeks after qualifying in Frankfurt, I finally made it to the start line at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on 13th October. The lead up had not gone too smoothly having fallen off my bike 7 weeks prior and badly bruising my ribs. This meant that my training had been somewhat compromised, but with support from my family, and friends, myself and my wife Debbie and 2 children, Stassi and Raff, finally arrived in Hawaii, a week before the race. Continue reading