Video vault

I’ve selected a number of videos that I think give either great information, inspiration, motivation, are funny, or are just a bit out there.

Team Hoyt. The one that started it all for me. When you are training for your race, putting in the hard miles, in shit weather, and your body is hurting or your brain is urging you to go down the pub, or sit on the sofa in front of the tv; or family or work pressure is a the forefront of your thoughts and you can’t be arsed to go for that run; or you’re in a race and you just want to stop because you don’t think you can go any further: Watch this and then ask yourself if you can. You can.


The crawl. Ironman World Champs 1997 and Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham are racing for the finish line. Again, don’t think you can’t. Madness.


Swim start training. Excellent training tips for mass swim starts.  An accurate portrayal.


Shit Triathletes Say. I don’t say stuff like this, it’s just everyone else, honest.


Julie Moss. The first Ironman race was in 1978, but it wasn’t until Julie Moss famously collapsed just short of the finish line in 1982 that Ironman came to the attention of the rest of the world, thanks to American TV coverage. The rest is history.


MTB v TdF. Something to do to pass the time of day whilst waiting for the Tour to go past.


Frank versus the Volcano. A little bit different to riding in the Chilterns, but I really want to do this! Anyone fancy flying me and my bike to Maui? Please.


2012 Ironman World Champs. Obviously important to me as this was the year that I raced there. Although the official DVD is a great watch if you’re into that kinda thing, this gives a nice insight into the biggest triathlon show on earth.


Martyn Ashton Road Bike Party. The first of his videos of some crazy stunts on a road bike. Unbelievable.


Martyn Ashton Road Bike Party 2. The second and last video by Martyn that was edited and released after he suffered a life changing accident whilst performing one of his stunts. He is now paralysed from the waist down but has turned his attention to hand cycling.


Danny MacAskill. The first trial bike video that I watched, with some breathtaking footage and a great soundtrack too.

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